Karen is a keen runner, and likes to stay fit and strong. Her two teenage daughters, Bianca and Minke keep her humble and on her toes.She lives two blocks away from the beach which offers a great lifestyle for young and old. She loves travelling & has been to UK and Europe twice when younger, enjoys road trips to interesting places and would do more if time allowed. On the wilder side, Karen volunteered and trained as a sea crew member for 7 years with the National Sea Rescue. She is also a qualified para glider pilot and really enjoyed flying for 5 glorious years in places like Porterville in the Western Cape, Overberg and as far as Sedgefield in the Garden Route.

Karen likes a challenge, is well informed and very knowledgeable in her field. She could never imagine herself in an industry other than fabrics. Karen says, 'My customers are a real asset to me and I have the greatest respect for the work they do, the schemes the prepare and present that ultimately generates wonderful sales opportunities'