'Use it or Lose it' Programme

Our fabrics are on show, up and down the country, in the form of Pattern Books and Hangers. Warwick Fabrics has always endeavoured to keep our sampling products reasonably priced, but we appreciate that this can still be a substantial financial commitment at a time when we are all keen to cut our costs, without diminishing what we offer to our customers.

To support our customers and help them with this investment, we run a sampling programme which we call 'Use it or Lose it' - all we ask is that the pattern books are USED. Once an order has been placed from that collection - we raise a credit up to the value of that book.

If you have a Trade Account with us and were not aware of this programme then please call the Sales Office on 01451 822383, or your Warwick Fabrics Sales Consultant.

Use it Love it!